WITSA’s Association Corner (WITSA) is the common platform established for WITSA Member associations to share information about their respective organizations in order to build, operate and sustain ICT Associations.

WITSA, being uniquely comprised of leading ICT associations from over 80 countries and representing over 90% of the ICT industry; through Association Corner is acting as an aggregator by leveraging best practices of its members in order to strengthen all ICT associations. It is WITSA sincerest hope that the this platform will contribute to the expand use of ICT’s around the globe; this contributing to WITSA goal of “Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age.”

WITSA is a special resource tool for WITSA member Associations. It will serve as a common platform for information sharing, global networking and collaboration.

WITSA Members wishing to join Association Corner will be required to complete a questionnaire regarding different aspects of their organizations to include: Organization, leadership, management, membership offerings, vision, mission, size, revenue, sources of include, best practices and other pertinent information about their associations.

By members providing this information a data base will be established so that all members will be able to compare, measure and learn from other members