Who can join WITSA?
ONLY the WITSA member associations, IN GOOD STANDING can join WITSA. Good standing refers to members who have full paid their dues in full by July 31, each year.

What is the process for WITSA Members to gain access to the WITSA Platform?
WITSA Members wising to join Association Corner need to take the following action:
Step 1. Click on the following
Step 2 Fill out and submit the WITSA form.
Step 3 The WITSA Secretariat will review member forms
Step 4 If member applicant is in good standing they will begranted their own individual account and password. At the same time the member’s information will be added to the Association Corner inventory.
Step 5 Once the member information is entered into the Association Corner inventory platform, all other WITSA member participants will have the access to the information and will be able to contact each other.
Note Once a member is granted an access code they will be able to edit their submission as required.

Is there a cost to join the WITSA Platform?
No Cost other than annual dues

What is the primary contact of WITSA?
8300 Boone Blvd (Suite 450), Vienna, Virginia, USA 22182
Tel: +1 702 743 4334