Macedonian ICT Chamber of commerce - MASIT
  • Administration Section

    Name of Association
    Macedonian ICT Chamber of commerce - MASIT
    Contact Name and Title
    Ms. Elena Stoleska
    Contact Phone
    Contact Email
    Physical Address
    blwd. Partiizanski Odredi no.4, Skopje
  • History and Background

    Year established
    Brief history
    MASIT was initially established in 2000 as an ICT Association within the Economic Chamber of commerce. In 2008 MASIT was legally transformed into an ICT Chamber of commerce.
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    Membership category types
    Regular Member,Associate Member
    Differences between membership categories
    Regular members are Macedonian companies working in the ICT industry Associate members are Universities and Faculties in Macedonia educating ICT workforce Associate members can also be international ICT companies and brands without a legal entity in Macedonia
    MASIT to be the enabler for growth of the Macedonian ICT businesses, their recognition and image domestically and abroad, as well as enriching the Macedonian prosperity and economy by having stronger, organized and progressive ICT industry.
    MASIT is the voice and resource of a competitive ICT sector, supporting an innovation-driven economy and a key contributor to the nation’s prosperity.
    Established a foundation or other legal entity
    Details History
    MASIT is established as an ICT Chamber of commerce according to the Law for Chambers of Commerce in Macedonia
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  • Business Planning

    Annual Business Plan
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  • Management Section

    No. of Directors
    BOD elected
    3 years
    MASIT Assembly on its Annual meeting (the Assembly is consisting of all member companies)
    Serving term of BOD
    3 years
    Chairman of BOD
    The members of the Managing Board elect the President of the Managing Board
    Duration of Chairman
    3 years
    How often does the BOD meet?
    usually once per month / mandatory minimum 10 times a year
    Association Committee’s
    List the different Committee’s
    How often do your Committee’s meet? IE. Annually, Monthly
    Description each Committee’s
    Additional links of Committee’s work
    Committee’s elected
    Elects of Committee’s
    Duration of serving term Committee’s
    Chairman serve on a Committee’s
    Who elects the Chairman of your Committee’s?
    How often do your Committee’s meet?
    MASIT's activities are organized through the work of Working groups which can be permanent or temporary.
  • Operations Section Secretariat

    Title of your Chief Executive Officer
    Executive Director
    Regional offices
    Staff members
    Titles of each staff member
    Executive Director Operations Director Project Manager PR and Project Assistant Executive Assistant
  • Financial Profile

    Financial Year
    Annual Revenue
    $50,000 – 100,000
    List the main sources of revenue for your association, with one being the highest
    1. Organization of conferences and events 2. Membership fees 3. Projects
    Describe financial challenges in creating future revenue
    MASIT is constantly applying to different programs for execution projects, either individually or as a part of project consortia. These are mainly programmers from the European Union but also USAID, GIZ, SIPPO, and others. This is our challenge and ambition in order to increase the financial stability while at the same time sources of funding of our activities.
    In addition to traditional sources of revenue, what alternate sources are you considering? Please give specific examples
    Financial condition of association changing
    Each year the structure of the income is changing depending on the activities and projects that were ongoing that year, so each year the financial condition is changing.
    Association to deal with these challenges
    MASIT is constantly seeking new opportunities in terms of financial challenges
  • Budget

    Association's estimated annual budget
    Financial Year
  • Accounting

    Association employ an outside certified accounting service
    Association employ an outside payroll firm
    Association hire an outside, independent audit firm
  • Lessons Learned/Best Practices

    Describe of associations membership recruitment strategies
    Members are invited to apply for membership on each contact with new potential members. Firstly, the Executive office send them e-mail with Membership package information containing the documents and information. After the company decides to apply for membership the membership is put on approval by the Managing Board and after the payment of the invoice the new members have all the rights and responsibilities related to the membership
    Best practices that we are willing to share in event and meeting management
    Advice to new associations
    Advice to existing associations
    Member recruitment strategies effective within our association
    Explain our strategies
    We use different pricing for our services for members and non-members where the prices for the non-members are usually double higher. We see this as a stimulation for the potential members who wish to use our services to apply for membership in order to use the reduced prices. In addition, we have introduced a start-up membership where the membership costs are minimal (100 Eur per year for the first 3 years of establishment) and we believe that this strategy allows the new and young companies to make the decision to enter into membership more easily. This way they see directly the benefits and as they continue to be our members in the next years they move through the different membership fee categories according to their annual income.
    Description of member benefits
    Membership benefits: • Networking opportunities, contacts and connections with relevant ICT business professionals, academia, government representatives and donor organizations, using MASIT’s local, regional and worldwide associates, • Active participation on MASIT activities and meetings where members are bringing concrete conclusions, new actions, initiatives which are communicated with different instances, • Participation in seminars, workshops, events, trainings, business forums, round tables on different topics (legal and regulatory, tax and financial issues, managerial or technical topics) free of charge or using a reduced fee, • Active participation in suggesting new initiatives or changes in the laws and regulation documents in the area of ICT, • Daily information about different ICT business news, events and other relevant business information, • Macedonian ICT market research and data, • Promotional opportunities using MASIT commercial services, • Group discounts and other services as requested by members.
    Member services are the most popular
    Participation on events, conferences and workshops, Export support services
    Challenges/strategies for growing our association
    Increasing the advocacy and lobbying activities and working on projects
  • Open Comment

    Any additional information that you feel would be helpful in establishing, maintaining, and expanding an ICT association.
    We are available for cooperation with organizations and associations for cooperation in terms of supporting networking and B2B matchmaking among the companies. Also we are looking for partners for joint application on calls and programs for execution of projects.