Information Technology (Industry) Association of Nigeria (ITAN)
  • Administration Section

    Name of Association
    Information Technology (Industry) Association of Nigeria (ITAN)
    Contact Name and Title
    Olutayo Adeniyi
    Contact Phone
    Contact Email
    Physical Address
    5, Yunusa Adeniji Street, Ikeja, Lagos
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  • History and Background

    Year established
    Brief history
    The Information Technology (Industry) Association of Nigeria (ITAN) was established in March 1991 by a unified group of technology companies, to promote IT literacy and digital penetration in Nigeria. The secondary purpose was to promote and advance member companies interests in the areas of government policy formulation in the ICT sector, advocacy to government on technology initiatives, IT policies as well as trade promotion. ITAN has over the past years become the foremost IT sector industry association; bringing together ICT companies providing IT services, IT hardware assembly and IT infrastructure solutions. ITAN is not only a leading voice in the Nigerian ICT industry but also a tech association with laudable international affiliations across the globe; fully recognized by the federal government of Nigeria. With over 350 corporate members across Nigeria, ITAN has successfully collaborated with the federal ministries, departments and agencies in the development of the ICT sector.
    Brief history membership link
    greater than 200
    Membership category types
    Regular Member,Associate Member
    Differences between membership categories
    Regular members are core ICT companies manufacturing ICT hardware locally or importing ICT hardware for distributing or retail within Nigeria and West African Sub region. The Associate members are the corporate organisations using ICT to run their establishment and Government agencies supporting ICT industries and utilizing ICT for their operations.
    We also have other associations that are interested in ITAN activities and are using ICT as tools for development as interest group
    VISSION. To engender a new Nigeria powered by Information Technology.
    MISSION. To pursue with vigor, the accomplishment of an Information society and knowledge economy using diverse and cutting –edge digital tools and means.
    Established a foundation or other legal entity
    Details History
    ITAN is registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission to operate as an association limited by guarrantee
    Link of bylaws
    Our bylaw has not been uploaded to our website yet.
  • Business Planning

    Annual Business Plan
    Business plan link
  • Management Section

    No. of Directors
    BOD elected
    Every 2 years
    General assembly
    Serving term of BOD
    2 years term renewable once
    Chairman of BOD
    General Assembly
    Duration of Chairman
    2 years renewable once
    How often does the BOD meet?
    Association Committee’s
    List the different Committee’s
    Executive Committee Finance and Administration Committee Event & International Conference Committee Social & Welfare/dispute resolution Committee Audit Committee
    How often do your Committee’s meet? IE. Annually, Monthly
    Quarterly and on emergency
    Description each Committee’s
    Executive committee is the highest authority in the association, they meet quarterly or as the need arises to approve programs of the association. Finance Committee is in charge of budget, income and expenditure including salaries and every other expenditure of the association. Event & Intern. Conference committee is responsible for the planning and execution of both local and international conferences and events. Social and Welfare Committee is responsible for taking care of members need as well as liaison with the government agencies on matters that affect association members. Audit/ Legal Committee is responsible for checking the associations finance books and budget monitoring.
    Additional links of Committee’s work
    Committee’s elected
    Every 2 years or as the need arises
    Elects of Committee’s
    Board of Directors
    Duration of serving term Committee’s
    2 years or as necessary
    Chairman serve on a Committee’s
    2 years unless otherwise reviewed
    Who elects the Chairman of your Committee’s?
    The committee members
    How often do your Committee’s meet?
    every month
    We may elect add hoc committee to for special occasions like election committee etc
  • Operations Section Secretariat

    Title of your Chief Executive Officer
    Regional offices
    6 locations
    Staff members
    Titles of each staff member
    Regional Chairman Secretary Treasurer
  • Financial Profile

    Financial Year
    Annual Revenue
    Under $50,000
    List the main sources of revenue for your association, with one being the highest
    Government sponsorship Annual Subscription Donations
    Describe financial challenges in creating future revenue
    Slow membership drive
    In addition to traditional sources of revenue, what alternate sources are you considering? Please give specific examples
    Trade and international events
    Financial condition of association changing
    Very slow
    Association to deal with these challenges
    Yes, we are carrying out some recruitment campaign and doing some massive publicity
  • Budget

    Association's estimated annual budget
    Financial Year
  • Accounting

    Association employ an outside certified accounting service
    Association employ an outside payroll firm
    Association hire an outside, independent audit firm
  • Lessons Learned/Best Practices

    Describe of associations membership recruitment strategies
    Going to the Higher Institutions to encourage IT students to consider self employment after graduation. Advertising the activities and benefit of the association to the general public. Participating in Social activities to get to potential members
    Best practices that we are willing to share in event and meeting management
    Growth of the industry and of the ICT worldwide
    Advice to new associations
    Be focus and be hardworking ready to make sacrifices
    Advice to existing associations
    Remain focus and self sacrifice
    Member recruitment strategies effective within our association
    Explain our strategies
    We are getting new members though not in the quantity expected
    Description of member benefits
    Member services are the most popular
    Challenges/strategies for growing our association
  • Open Comment

    Any additional information that you feel would be helpful in establishing, maintaining, and expanding an ICT association.